Founded in 1976 by a couple of Mr. Tou-Chi Chiang & Mrs. Chinn Chiang-Chang in Taipei Taiwan, started as “ Queen Chemical Factory”, we were established to manufacture nail polish products, and to be engaged in the internal and external sales business of our private brands of color cosmetics —BILENA and  . In 1994, our company reorganized and has been renamed as Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc.” In the following decades, we continually build on our heritage with the color cosmetics manufacturing and export as our main business. From this we have become an OEM/ODM factory of a range of diverse color cosmetics and skin care products, such as the mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow coat, eyebrow oiletc, and also lip oil, lipstick, lipgloss, compact, cake foundation, blusher, stick foundation, liquid foundation, and the basic skin care products etc. Our focus is on supplying the high quality products with reasonable prices to meet the needs of the users.


Maintaining offering the products with high and stable quality, is the way to own the ability of the sustainable growth market. This is the business philosophy of Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc., brings all of our colleagues to the sustained growth to follow up the innovational progress of world industry, and to go with the trend of globalization. Our business operates steadily and operational performance is good.  


Our products are sold worldwide. The main markets are Japan, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the EU, etc.   In 1976, our color cosmetics brand “” which means “Timeless Beauty”, “Beauty Forever” was launched, and the products of “” have been sold via the agents in several countries and areas, such as Japan, Hong Kong, the UAE, the Philippines, and Russia for decades. We are a cosmetics contract manufacturer (OEM/ODM) to meet the needs of our customers as well.  

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